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Meet Paige


This is SO great. Your guides have been so, SO helpful and I'm super excited to try this one. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this to help us all hit our fitness goals. xoxo.

Laura Davis

Paige, OMG!! You’ve done it again!! Your leg guide is killer! I just finished day 1 and I am dead, my legs are jello 💀💀 This is the best leg workout I’ve had in a while. I’m so excited to be following this guide for the next 8 weeks! 😍😍 thank you for always coming out with amazing content!

Maddie Mason

I did my first NPC show in June and my second this past weekend. In between I did 2 rounds of Paige's shoulder guide and 1 round of the back guide. So freakin proud of these upper body gains!! I went from 3rd in my novice class to Overall Figure winner! 🥇🏆 Paige I cannot thank you enough for such amazing workouts.

Keshan Velasquez
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